Bale Mountains National Park Extension

A fascinating place to observe the endemic fauna and flora

3 days

Accessible from October to June only.

Travel to the Bale Mountains National Park to discover the Afroalpine habitat that is home to the most endemic species in the world, and peaks of over 4,000 msl. The Bale Mountains are located 400 km southeast of Addis Ababa and can be reached either by 4x4 vehicle (about 8 hours) or domestic flight (1 hour).

Once at Goba city, we visit the GeySey valley where we can find the Mountain Nyala and Menelik's Bushbuck, the two endemic antelopes of the area.

The Sanetti Plateau is home to an afro-alpine lake and hundreds of migratory wild birds. It is the best place in Ethiopia to see the Ethiopian Wolf or Red Fox. Inside the Harenna Forest, we discover endemic flora, a huge variety of monkeys, birds & antelopes, and amazing views over the surrounding valleys and mountains.

The visit to the Park can be carried out from a hotel or by trekking and camping inside the park. Both modalities can be done from October to June, avoiding the heavy rains of the Ethiopian winter.

The temperature varies between -15°C and 26°C throughout the year.


Drive by road stopping along the way at places of interest, beautiful views, and markets OR domestic flight to Goba – Visit the GeySey plain, the best place to see large concentrations of Mountain Nyala and Menelik's antelope, dwellers of these indigenous forests with flora and fauna endemic to Ethiopia and exclusive to the African continent - Hotel.


Drive on the highest road in Africa to go to the Sanetti Plateau in search of migratory Waterfowl and to the Harenna Forest where we can spot the Ethiopian Wolf, Menelik's antelope and many other species of animals – Hotel.


Drive back by 4x4 or fly to an agreed place – End of the extension.

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The transportation on this trip is designed to get the most out of your stay in the southeast of Ethiopia .

You can choose to depart from Addis Ababa by road using 4x4 vehicle since the Bale Mountains National Park can only be accessed by 4x4s All vehicles reach everywhere, are comfortable, safe and powerful.

You can also land in the county capital, Goba, on a domestic Ethiopian Airlines flight. A 4x4 will be waiting for the drive inside the National Park. 

Local hotels in this area are vary basic.

You also have the option of a full board camping inside the Park with camping materials and kitchen equipments.