About us

Our team

The Birana tour team are devout people with their work, tireless travelers, and curious nomads - who have decided to contribute all the knowledge acquired throughout the decades of traveling to those travelers determined to undertake their adventure through the lands of Ethiopia.

We exclusively operate in Ethiopia in organizing unique experiences. What makes us stand out in the field is our pledge to offer 100% the human and technical support that every traveler needs.

Our drivers, trained by ourselves in accordance with our philosophy of travel and human values, are driver-mechanics with long kms on their seats, serious, loyal, always cooperative and with a great sense of responsibility.

Our philosophy

Why are we better?

1. We offer cheaper prices without thinning the quality of services:

Birana Ethiopia Tours is based in Addis Ababa, we are a local Tour Operator meaning NO INTERMIDIARIES. And most importantly, we do not inflate prices; it is enough to be able to live on what we love. If we have less cost, you pay less for your trip. IF WE SAVE, YOU ALSO SAVE.

2. We are with you before, during and after your trip:

Miriam is Spanish, Endalk is Ethiopian and we live in Addis Ababa, each with their respective families. From personally welcoming you upon arrival to advising you on the country, your trip, your needs on the ground, telephone assistance, and tricks to enjoying your stay: we’re all the way with you in offering a complete service that does not end when you make the reservation. BECAUSE WE ARE ALSO TRAVELERS.

3. We distribute the benefits among all our employees:

Our basic principle is: if I gain, you gain. And this is not only applicable to our travelers but also to our entire team of workers. We love this country and we love its people. If our goal is to offer authentic and high quality travel and unforgettable experiences to those who come from outside, we also do not forget our obligation to offer the same to those who work from within to make these projects possible. So not only the traveler benefits from our way of thinking and acting, but also our team. WORTHY SALARIES ALLOW A DIGNIFIED LIFE.

4. We appreciate and encourage freedom in travels:

We do not dedicate ourselves only to closed groups with limited dates or fixed prices. The principle of freedom is what led us to start this project. An advantage of our service is that you can add or remove options, decide if you want an expensive or cheap hotel, whether full board or not. According to your needs, the final price that you will have to pay for your trip will be adapted, according to your ideal dates it will be designed and booked. COME ALONE OR ACCOMPANIED; WHENEVER OR HOWEVER.