General Contracting Conditions

General conditions of Birana Tours



The technical organization of the trips offered on this website / catalog corresponds to the Tour Operator Birana Ethiopia Tours, with TIN number 0030236051 and address in Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub City, Kirkos Business Center, office I 201, in collaboration with other national tourism prividers



The reservation of any of the trips, through the signature of the contract and the bank deposit, whose technical organization is in charge of Birana Ethiopia Tours, implies the total acceptance of these General Conditions that will be automatically incorporated into the contract without being precise his transcript written in it. This web / catalog indicates the duration, itinerary, prices, supplements and services included in the trips.The complementary information and possible modifications will be communicated to the clients with the written itinerary that, together with the General Conditions, act as a definitive contract.



At the time of registration and reservation of a trip, the client will deposit 30% of the total amount of the trip, unless the economic conditions of the suppliers impose the advance payment of another different amount. This is the case of some trips where air tickets have to be issued in advance and, in this case, Birana Ethiopia Tours will be able to request 100% of the total air ticket amount for delivery on account. In each case, the client will be notified before the ticket is issued for acceptance.


The reservation will not be considered firm until the deposit of 30% is not formalized. The rest of the payment will be made in cash upon arrival at the destination.


The price of the trip includes the detailed services as included in the technical sheet and it is understood as valid during the indicated season. It does not include visas, fees, vaccination certificates, extras and, in general, any service not specified as "included".

Prices are based on transport rates (including fuel cost), currency exchange rates, rates and taxes in force at the time of writing the contract. Any variation in the price of the aforementioned elements may result in the revision of the final price of the trip.

These modifications will be notified to the consumer, who will be able to desist from the trip without any penalty, or accept the modification of the contract.

In no case will prices be revised upwards in the twenty days prior to the departure date of the trip, with respect to the requests already made and confirmed.

If before the departure of the trip the organizer is obliged to modify significantly the essential elements of the trip, he must notify the client in writing so that the latter can choose between canceling the reservation or the contract, or accepting the proposed modifications of the trip .

If before the trip or during the same the Tour Operator is unable to provide any of the services under the agreed conditions, the Tour Operator will offer the user the replacement by another of similar characteristics, and if not possible, the total refund of the paid for this service.

Any service not rendered due to the Tour Operator will be reimbursed upon return of the trip, upon presentation of the corresponding receipt issued by the person or entity responsible.

No refund will be made for services not used voluntarily by the customer, whatever the cause of the non-use.

Cases considered force majeure (circumstance, abnormal or unforeseeable) or the adequacy of the route to a specific flight / transport plan are considered sufficient causes for the modification of the trip.

In the cases in which the realization of a trip is subject to having a minimum number of participants, and this is specified in the technical file, the Tour Operator may cancel the trip in the event that this minimum number of participants is not reached, Notifying you with a minimum of 20 days before the scheduled departure date. Likewise, the Tour Operator may also cancel a trip due to force majeure, understanding as such those circumstances beyond the invoking, abnormal and unforeseeable, whose consequences could not be avoided despite having acted with due diligence. In both cases, the consumer will be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid, except for the management expenses detailed in section 8 of this clause.

After confirming the reservation between Birana Ethiopia Tours and the client, he must make a transfer of 30% of the total trip. The rest of the amount will be paid in cash upon arrival in Addis Ababa.

Changes: If there is a last minute change in the arrival time to Addis Abeba of your international flight, or on the start or end date of your trip, etc, you will inform us by email or phone as soon as possible and always before your departure. arrival in Ethiopia so that we can readjust the itinerary to the new situation.

Cancellation: The payment of 30% of the trip you deposit as a prior reservation is used in full for the booking of hotels, vehicles, flights, etc. Most of these services do not return the money if we cancel late, so we can not always return the money.

The cases in which we CAN return the money in case of cancellation by you are:

A / If you cancel 60 to 30 days before the start of your trip we can reimburse 100% of the deposit you sent us as a reservation minus the transfer costs and those expenses justified for payment of services.

B / If you cancel 30 to 15 days before the start of your trip we can reimburse you 50% of the deposit you sent us as a reservation minus the transfer costs and those expenses justified for payment of services.

If you completely cancel the trip without prior notice or outside the periods mentioned in points A and B, you will lose 100% of the deposit you sent us as a reservation.

In the event that one of the people in the group cancels their trip, that person will be responsible for the expenses generated by their cancellation, assuming the payment of the individual budget presented by Birana Ethiopia Tours.














The traveler's baggage is not the subject of the land transport contract, it being understood for all purposes that it always keeps it, whatever the part of the vehicle where it is located, without the Organizing Agency being responsible for any damage or deterioration that could suffer during the trip.


Free transport of 1 or 2 packages per person whose total weight does not exceed 20 Kg is allowed.


Regarding air transport, we refer to the conditions of the airlines regulated by IATA.


The Organizing Agency is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the checked baggage, nor for the loss or deterioration since they are incidents that correspond to the airline as a carrier. The claim will have to be processed directly at the airline.


However, Birana Ethiopia Tours undertakes to act as local mediator to resolve as soon as possible the incidents caused by the loss of luggage and to minimize the inconveniences that this may cause to the client, without being able to promise a satisfactory result despite the efforts and procedures performed.



All the people registered in the trip are responsible for having in order the necessary documentation for entry and free movement for Ethiopia (passport, visa, sanitary measures, etc.). Regarding the consultations, Birana Ethiopia Tours acts as an informant, but it is the responsibility of the client to confirm them before the competent authorities. The client expressly assumes the processing of obtaining these documents.


Citizens with a non-Spanish passport must contact the respective Consulates and / or Embassies to know and process the visas or entry formalities required by the Government of Ethiopia.


Children under 18 must present a document signed by the parents authorizing them to travel.


In the event that, due to lack or incorrectness of the necessary documentation, the client is forced to cancel or abandon the trip, the Agency will apply the conditions indicated in paragraph 8.ANULATIONS.



We recommend the presentation to boarding at airports three hours before the departure of the flight.



The organizing agency will be responsible for the consequences arising from the non-execution of the contract in proportion to its intervention in the management of the combined trip.

However, it will be exempted from this responsibility either when there is a cause of force majeure (circumstance, abnormal or unforeseeable, including weather conditions or political and social problems of the country) or an event that neither the organizing agency nor the suppliers have been able to avoid , even having acted with the necessary diligence.

It will also be exempted from liability when the cause is attributable to a client or a third party.

In the case of incidents in air transport (denial of boarding for any reason, cancellations, changes or flight delays, loss, delay or damage to baggage, etc.) the client is responsible for managing the claim of their rights as a passenger in the same airport where they occur. The costs of accommodation, transportation, maintenance, repatriation or other events caused by these incidents will not be the responsibility of the Organizing Agency.

When the trip is made in own vehicles or rented by the Organizing Agency, in case of accident, whatever the country where it occurs, the traveler is expressly subject to the accident legislation of the country in which the passenger is registered. vehicle.

In case the client does not book air tickets with Birana Ethiopia Tours, a transfer of reservation to another traveler is possible. The client can assign his reservation to a third person provided that he communicates it to Birana Ethiopia Tours in advance without incurring additional expenses for either of the two, the transferee or the transferor.

However, in case the client has booked air tickets with Birana Ethiopia Tours, given the special restrictions imposed by the airlines, in case of cancellation of a seat there is no possibility of assignment of reservation.



The user must immediately inform the service provider and the Organizing Agency of any incident of the trip to resolve it. The claims that you want to present will have to be documented with receipts and invoices and will have to be addressed to the organizing agency in Ethiopia before returning to the country of origin.



As the Ethiopian legislation is different from the European one, the trips contracted with Birana Ethiopia Tours do not include travel insurance to avoid differences in the services provided since the standards are very different. That is why we recommend our travelers to take out travel insurance from their country of origin that includes cancellation, accident and loss of luggage.



The services included in the trips are specified in the "Price includes" section of each trip.


The excursions and optional visits that are not indicated in the itinerary, are not part of the trip and must be contracted and paid by the client at the destination.




The client has been informed of the peculiar characteristics of traveling to Ethiopia, especially the limitations in equipment and road infrastructure, hotel and telecommunications, weather conditions, limitations of local professionals, etc. The itinerary detailed in the technical sheet is indicative and may be modified for reasons beyond our control such as weather, road conditions, air cancellations, political problems, etc. In these cases, the last decision will be taken by Birana Ethiopia Tours in collaboration with the accompanying guide, if any, or in direct communication with the client. The client also accepts the change of hotel establishment that occurs on site provided that the change is to a category or characteristics equal or superior to those set in the initial itinerary. Birana Ethiopia Tours apologizes in advance in the event of any of these circumstances.