Omo Valley Tribes and Rift Valley Lakes

A journey into Ethiopia's cultural and natural diversity

9 days

Come anytime throughout the year. Pick your dates, and we adapt your trip to your convenience.

This Ethiopian route to the Rift and Omo Valleys is not only a journey in space but in time as we will witness ways of life that have been maintained for millennia. During the 4x4 journeys, we will constantly be accompanied by landscape sceneries of enormous beauty.

We will navigate the Lakes of the Rift Valley in search of crocodiles, hippos, and hundreds of wild birds.

Tribal villages also await us in the southernmost part of this trip. Tribes of the Omo Valley like Hamer, Karo, Dassenech, Erbore, Ari, and Mursi will open their doors and reveal their ancient villages and unspoiled millennia-old lifestyles. Moreover, the colorful and bustling tribal markets will awaken all senses.

Crossing the eternal savannah in a 4x4 will give you that great feeling of freedom that you are looking for.

This multi-adventure trip will awaken your wildest nature.

Norte histórico y salvaje por tierra y aire

DAY 1 – Addis Ababa

Welcome by our team and Addis Ababa city tour: the Big Merkato, National Museum, and Entoto Park/ Holy Trinity Cathedral - Hotel.

DAY 2 – Addis Ababa - Hawassa

Drive southwards in a 4x4 entering the Rift Valley stopping at Lake Ziway and Abiata-Shala Lakes National Park - Continue to Hawassa city - Hotel.

DAY 3 – Hawassa - Arbaminch

Start the day with the Hawassa Lake fish market - Drive to Arbaminch witnessing the contrast between the arid landscape of the Rift savannah and the dense jungle of the Gamo Gofa - Hotel.

DAY 4 – Arbaminch

Boat navigation on Lake Chamo in search of crocodiles and hippos - Walk inside Forty Springs Forest - Ascend the magical mountain to meet the Dorze ethnic group - Hotel.

DAY 5 – Arbaminch - Konso

Discover the Konso village: a unique and original lifestyle elevated to a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - Excursion by car and on foot to the geological rarity of Gheseryo - Hotel.

DAY 6 – Konso - Turmi

We now enter the Omo Valley and the Savannah - Erboré and Hamer Local Tribes - Hotel.

DAY 7 – Turmi

Cross the Omo river to visit the Dassenech village in search of the 'Rate' tribe – Colorful local markets on market days - Visit the Karo tribe and their lifestyle - Hotel.

DAY 8 – Turmi - Jinka

Visit the Mursi tribe inside the Mago National Park - Ethnographic Museum - Walk through the Ari village witnessing their crafts - Hotel.

DAY 9 – Jinka - Addis Ababa - End of Trip

Short flight back to Addis Ababa - Free time to finalize purchases and have dinner in a traditional/trendy restaurant in the capital - International flight.


NOTE: You can modify this itinerary by adding or removing days, changing hotels, suggesting other visit sites, etc.

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The transportation on this trip is designed in such a way that you are relaxed (no haste) while enjoying to the maximum the daily life of the country. Vehicles for this tour are 4x4. These vehicles reach everywhere and are comfortable, safe, and powerful.

In addition, following our SLOW TRAVEL philosophy, you can enjoy walks in the city and boat rides.

Choose the type of accommodation that best suits you. Local hotels (pensions), 4* hotels, combine local with 4*, or even pitching a tent in the wild. 

Local hotels are affordable and clean though they might suffer from power or water cuts. 

4* hotels are equipped with all services: double rooms with bathroom, hot water, restaurant, bar, internet access, etc. They usually are located at beautiful sites with nice views and a charming atmosphere. 

Travelers should keep in mind that there might be power cuts in some cities and the inconveniences that this entails. Fortunately, these cuts are becoming less and less frequent due to the construction of hydroelectric dams and power plants. 

Campsites in Ethiopia are very basic and without infrastructure but are located in amazing sites surrounded by wild landscapes. Travelers can experience a real adventure by choosing one or two nights of camping in the wild.

Our trips DO NOT INCLUDE full board. We believe in offering freedom of choice to our travelers because some days you might not feel like having dinner or prefer to have just juice. On top of that, Ethiopian restaurants are always open and found everywhere. Many serve local and international foods, and prices are affordable.