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Travel insurance

What insurance shall I contract for my trip to Ethiopia?


After many years of experience and listening to the opinions of dozens of travelers, we came to the conclusion that IATI INSURANCE is the company that best meets the demands and needs that are required for a trip to Ethiopia. In addition to offering a fast and very professional service, they attend you in your language!! Compared to other companies, they have the best health insurance at a very good price.


They offer a 5% direct discount if you contract your insurance through our link IATI INSURANCE.


The discount is made automatically: you will see the normal price and the price with the discount. For each insurance that is contracted through this link, IATI gives us about 3 euros, money that Birana Tours use in turn to secure the 4x4 vehicles and minivans with which we operate here in Ethiopia to travel the country with our travelers.


Medical expenses in IATI insurance. 

The most requested by travelers, and rightly so, are insurances that offer full coverage of medical expenses. Without them, the bills that you must advance in the country of destination in case of accident or illness are in thousands of euros. IATI never asks you to advance the big costs: you call, they take care of you and they take care of everything.

What type of insurance do I need?

If your priority is health: Go directly to IATI Star, it has the highest medical coverage: € 200,000, with optional cancellation insurance.

If you go trekking, ballooning, or adventure sports in Ethiopia for many days: You can choose IATI Star or IATI Backpacker since you get higher coverage for this type of trip with some risk.

If travel insurance is a mere procedure for you: Hire the IATI Basic, which offers moderate medical expenses of €30,000 for people who want to travel with the peace of mind of having minimum coverage for medical assistance and other basic coverage.

If your idea is to make a long trip: check out the new IATI Travel Insurance product: IATI BLOGGERS or BIG TRAVELLERS. It offers a travel insurance that covers a whole year in trips of no more than 90 days and, on the other hand, a trip of more than 6 months to a year without interruption. The prices they offer are unbeatable.

IATI news

IATI INSURANCE has raised the medical coverage (the most important thing for us) without increasing the travel insurance price!!!

IATI Basic: from € 15,000 to € 30,000
IATI Standard: from € 40,000 to € 80,000
IATI Star: from € 100,000 to € 200,000 (and premium € 250,000)
IATI Backpacker: from € 60,000 to € 100,000
IATI Bloggers and Great travelers: from € 70,000 to € 200,000 (World) and € 20,000 to € 50,000 (Europe)
IATI Family: from € 40,000 to € 80,000
Enjoy your trip without worrying about setbacks.


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