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The God, the devil and the adventure

Javier Reverte, 2001.


Current novel of historical character narrated in first person by the author during his journey through northern Ethiopia to deepen the real story of the Spanish missionary Pedro Páez during his evangelizing mission in the sixteenth century.


I heard acacias whistling

Eduardo Lostal, 2013


Fiction novel. Pride, abnegation, survival, instinct, rebellion ... That is, for the author, Africa, and that is what this illustrative novel is about. The argument takes us to this magical continent and, however, still unknown to most Westerners with a history of seduction, desire and violence in the deepest recesses of the Omo Valley, in the distant and mysterious Ethiopia. A story that lays bare the greatness and misery of this fascinating and, many times, compassionate continent where life and death walk by a thread too thin. Three characters of antagonistic nature but who have in common an indomitable spirit and a nonnegotiable craving of freedom: - Kibu, a young surma that fights against the shadow of his brother's death. - Chaltu, a hamer girl who reveals herself to her destiny as a woman. - Mario Ferrándiz, a young reporter who travels to Africa fleeing from his past and ends up discovering himself. A story as versatile as it is tremendously entertaining.


Eating the flowers of paradise: a journey through the drug fields of Ethiopia and Yemen
Kevin Rushby. 2001

Fascinating description of qat consumption culture in Horn countries of Africa and Yemen.

The emperor
Riszard Kapuzcinsky, 2009.

Book that relates, through interviews with members and servants of the royal palace, the last days of Emperor Haile Selassie. Discover many gossip about life in court, eccentricities of the emperor and a political vision of the revolts of the time against the court.

Surrender or starve: travel through Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea (journalistic)
Robert Kaplan, 2005.

Travel chronicle that tells in a magisterial and at the same time chilling way the causes and factors that contributed to extreme unsuspected famines caused by droughts in the Horn of Africa during the decade of the eighties.


The Holy Grail quest
Graham Hancock, 2006.

Very popular among tourists, although of doubtful historical authenticity, it is a fundamental reading to enter the mysterious halo that surrounds the myth of the Ark of the Covenant.

The lost roads of Africa
Javier Reverte, 2002.

His African journey takes us to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to show us unique episodes of African history and make us better understand the drama and greatness of the continent.

Cutting for stone
Abraham Verghese, 2010.

Fiction novel set in the Addis Ababa between the fifties and the eighties. Beautiful novel that combines the real historical events that took place in the country with the lives of simple devotees in a missionary hospital in the city of Addis Ababa.


The Blue Nile. 

Fco. Javier Gozálvez Esteve, 2011


The Blue Nile contributes more than half of the flow that the Nile pours into the Mediterranean. However, it hardly transcends anything about its basin, its people, its wanderings. Javier Gozálbez set himself the challenge of discovering what lies beneath that silence and, in the style of the ancient explorers, he went to meet his sources in Ethiopia. Then followed the thread that marked the course of the river to reach Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, where the Blue Nile flows with his brother, the White Nile. It is a journey that nobody has told before with such exact information.


If you know any book about Ethiopia that we can add to our library, send us an email and we will update this list that keeps growing.




The mystery of the Nile

Jordi Llompart, 2005.


Omo Child

The river and the bush, 2015


Tribes of Ethiopia (5 chapters)

Albert Albacete, Marcel Brau. Alma Ata International Pictures, 2003.


The villages of the Rift Valley

Abyssinia Films.


Shooting with Mursi

Olisarali Olibuli, member of the Mursi tribe.


The name my mother gave me

Eli Tal-El, 2009


Town of runners

Jerry Rothwell, 2011


Seleme, Seleme

Alejandra Rozas, 2013


13 months of sunshine

Yehdego Abeselom.


Go and live

Radu Mihaileanu, 2005.


Harvest, 3,000 years

Haile Gerima, 1976



Haile Gerima, 1999



Haile Gerima, 2008